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Magdalena “meago” Kania
Illustrator  |  Concept artist  |  Character artist
Born: 1988, Warsaw, Poland
Tools of use: Wacom Cintiq 27QHD, Paint tool Sai, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
Current work: 2D Artist at QLOC game development company (full-time since 2013)
also freelancer at night
Contact: meagochan@gmail.com


Hi! I’m Magda, but a lot of people know me as meago. I’m a 2D artist mainly specialized in cartoon and Asian-style illustrations. I am also fond of character design and computer graphics for games, which I am constantly developing by working at a game development company (QLOC). I have participated artistically in ports (mainly GUI, textures) for games such as Ultra Street Fighter, Tales of Zestiria (PC), God Eater or Ni No Kuni Remastered. Moreover, I am responsible for the design of one dlc character in the game Battleborn Alani.

When it comes to published works, I have 2 volumes of a comic inspired by the Asian style (so-called manga) entitled Meago Saga on my account, as well as an album with illustrations and a spin-off of the series, The Reids, published by Studio JG. I also self-published a one-time colorful album with the characters from my Dollicious project, too.

My works also appear in two books from the Spanish publishing house Monsa – Manga Ispired, and Chibi Manga.


Along with Maciek Kur I am also working on a comic project – “Emilka Sza” and “Dollicious”, which we aim to develop as an international franchise. That’s an entirely new thing for me, something much more ambitious than what I’ve been doing so far, so I hope that any mistakes that I make won’t be too serious, and the lessons I learn and gained experience will help me in planting a flag on the top of my Dollicious empire with a steady hand.

If you’d like to follow my endeavors, see what I’m drawing or what troubles I’m facing, make sure to check my Fanpage and Instagram, where I regularly share those things.